Biography Heike Hajari Strombach

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Heike was born in 1958, and raised in the country near Cologne in Germany.

In 1979 she trained in geriatric nursing care, and worked many years in psychiatric hospitals and geriatric care. To continue her searching for deeper understanding, she studied to become a teacher for nursing care and trained nurses till 1989, till she left Germany because of love to live in Australia for a year.

Since 1991 she is working and studying with Leonard Orr, the founding father of Rebirthing. For many years she became the training center manager of Leonard Orr’s international training center for Rebirthing in the USA. Leonard, who is a master in personal growth and transformation, became her mentor and friend.

Healing herself to become a happy, conscious and divine human being, is bringing her continuous insides into life. Rebirthing became her passion, being able to support people to transform their life. She is rebirthing herself regularly every day, and practices what she preaches.

She is traveling extensively around the world teaching Rebirthing breath work and spiritual purification, often accompanying Leonard. She has worked on all continents, many times in Brazil, training successfully Rebirthers. Since 1994 she as well has a training center for Rebirthing in Germany, near Cologne and organizes and leads there regularly seminars, as well as inviting Leonard to Germany every year.
In 1996 she foundet together with other Rebirthers Rebirth International e. V. in Germany and is the president of this organization for Rebirthing. A German newsletter is regularly distributed.

She became a Reikimaster in 1993 und uses different healing modalities. Since 1998 she uses the technique of family constellation, to bring light and healing into our family history. Her extensive study of human psychology enables her to lead seminars on many different subjects, for example mind mastery and spiritual psychology, Intuition, self healing, personal growth, self esteem and success, goal setting, loving relationships, the eight biggis, spiritual enlightenment, physical and emotional healing, inner child work, physical immortality, healing the death urge, emotional energy pollution, dependency and codependency, competition and cooperation

Prosperity consciousness and building successful ones clientele, successful self-employment, Vision quest, warm and coldwater Rebirthing, just to name a few.

Her repertoire grows as she continuously growth.
Mantra yoga, Om namaha shivaiya, helps to clear her mind and soul, devotion to God is a part of her daily life.

She now lives in Germany in her house and centre as her base.
Heike Strombach Klaswipper 30 51688 Wipperfürth
Tel fax 0049 (0) 2269 - 528

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