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Rebirth International Germany

Rebirthing is a holistic, intuitive breathing technique that was developed 1974 by Leonard Orr in the U.S.A. It is one of the methods of self-discovery that has found considerable attention in recent decades.

We practice a gentle, connected breathing rhythm that brings deep relaxation. Our goal is to find our inner Self and center. Our lifes turn more loving and joyful. Health is a natural result of a happy mind.
We recommend high valuable individual sessions with an experienced breath work teacher, a Rebirther. Our ethics are directed to the welfare of our clients. Therefore, we do not recommend group sessions before 10 guided individual sessions have been completed. Everyone deserves high quality support.

Rebirth International (RBI) was founded by Leonard Orr, as a world-wide association for Rebirthing, with the goal of training more qualified rebirthers.

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Leonard Orr

Leonard Orr



  physical immortality
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Leonard Orr   2016
      only in the USA  

9-day breathing training & the 3-week professional training for Rebirther

 July 2nd – 23rd 2106


October   1st – 22nd 2016

Leonard Orr and Heike Strombach
with German translation
Since Leonard this year has plant no trip to Europe , we instead 
fly to him in the United States, Virginia.

Leonard plans to do intense fasting in 2016

 and we are commited to support him through this year finacially, so he can relax. 
For all his life changing wonderful contributions to the world, 
please support our goal!
contact me or Leonard for more details!

Om namaha shivaiya

In Wahrheit, Einfachheit und Liebe
Truth, simplicity and love
Verdade, simplicidade e amor / www.physische-unsterblichkeit.d

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Trainings and dates 2016

Atem- und Lebenszentrum

Heike Strombach
Klaswipper 30
51688 Wipperfürth
Telefon & Fax: 02269/528

Detailed Profile

Atem Training und Ausbildung zum Atemlehrer mit Heike
Bitte zusätzliche Information anfordern Training für bewusstes Energieatmen und energetische Reinigung

7 -tägiges Atemtraining
Wir lernen die Technik des bewussten, intuitiven Atmens. Die Praktiken mit Erde, Feuer, Luft und Wasser werden unterstützt durch die bewusste Benutzung unseres Verstandes, und Zielsetzungen für unser Leben!

Youtube Videos of Heike Strombach  
Heike Strombach über bewusstes Energieatmen -Rebirthing nach Leonard Orr
Heike Strombach spricht über die Meisterschaft des Verstandes
Heilung des unbewussten Todestriebes



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